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Our Partners

We have built a strong partner Eco system that will help our customers to accelerate digital transformation by leveraging new technologies.

AAFAQ has been established in KSA

To enable our clients to conduct their operations more efficiently, optimize resource utilization, and realize improved margins associated with leveraging new technologies and processes.

 Our organizational values are predicated on our ideal of achieving Excellence in everything we do.

Providing best in class innovative, Next Generation Digital Solutions

oracle cloud

AAFAQ Consulting brings exclusive Oracle expertise, unique and proven approach on industry focused Oracle Applications implementation

Technology Development

AAFAQ helps its customers to reduce the cost and conduct their operations efficiently by leveraging our technology services.

Digital Transformation

We analyze our Customer's technology infrastructure, processes,structure to provide End to End Next generation Digital Solutions.

IT Managed services

We provide resources to manage applications and infrastructure for our client

Low current solution

We provide a full of Design, Engineering and Technical support services for low current solutions.

We helped
customer to transform digitally

Our diverse customer portfolio comprises following industries


Operation and Maintenance

Industrial Catering

Facility Management

Banking and Investment

Production & Precast



Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

Our Vertical Solution

We offer vertical highly customizable solutions, for many sectors. AAFAQ extentions will help our client maintain an edge over their competitors.

Time and attendance system

AAFAQ’s Time and Attendance system is a robust product which is fully integrated with Biometric Machines, Oracle HCM, Payroll and Oracle PPM with the following features

  • Reads data from the source ERP System.
  • Defining Multiple Shifts creation and its assignment to employee,
  • Times Entries through Biometric,
  • Change Requests in case of missing attendance,
  • Multiple level of approvals,
  • User Driven Rules and Calculations,
  • Maintains Rental Employee Data
  • Manpower cost allocation by CBS codes to PPM
  • Function standalone
  • User friendly screens.
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Subcontractor Solution

Managing Sub contractor & their transactions has always been a major challenge for real estate or construction industry customers. AFFAQ’s Subcontract Management solution is a one-stop solution to manage the end-to-end business process cycle of your subcontract right from the defining the Contract to Progress Update to Payment and Deductions:

  • Single application for tracking down all Transaction.
  • Maintains Subcontractor Progress, Penalties and Other Charges
  • Maintains Contra/Back Charges, Retentions, Advance Payment Control
  • Variation Order Management
  • Generates Subcontractor Certificates & Applications for Payment
  • Integration with Oracle Fusion Finance.
  • Multi-level of Approvals.
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Catering Managementsystem

Managing Sub contractor & their transactions has always been a major challenge for real estate…Catering Business Solution

  • Sales Contract and Change Orders,
  • Recoding of Daily Man-days,
  • Non-Contractual Back Charges,
  • Monthly Customer Billing,
  • Recipe Management,
  • Menu and Menu Rotation.
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Rental Equipment Billing Solution

This solution has been developed as a complete solution for Rental Equipment that facilitate…

  • Maintains full Equipment Master
  • Hiring and Off hiring of the Equipment,
  • Equipment allocation and Scheduling,
  • Daily Equipment Timesheets and Utilization,
  • Facilitates Equipment billing by Trips
  • Monthly Customer Billing and Payable Invoices.
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Fleet Management System

Manage all your Fleet with our FMS System and its cost related to its purchasing, Repair & maintenance Cost, Insurance Cost, Fuel consumption Cost, Avg Fuel Cost Per Mile etc.

  • Maintains and trace your fleet by Location and by user.
  • Vehicle Assignment and Scheduling.
  • Deeper insight for Fleet Capacity Utilization, Fuel Efficiency, Accident History, Odometer.
  • Vehicle and Drivers Evaluation.
  • Large vehicle’s seats allocation to Sites and its cost Allocation
  • Raising Job Order till the completion of Work done and Invoicing and Payment to Supplier.
  • Have Self-Service portal for requesting the Vehicle, Requesting Transfer, Replacements etc.
  • Alerts and Notification for Expiries/Warranties etc.
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Iqama Renewal System

This application deals with the process of Employees Iqama Renewal that helps the organization with the following advanced feature of the system.

  • Initiating the Renewal Process.
  • Auto alerts to the Manager and HR or Government Relation department.
  • Notifies for due payments,
  • Shows reason for Renewal On-Hold
  • Show the status of the renewal process.
  • Integrated to Oracle HCM and payables with multiple level of approvals.
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Off Boarding System

This application helps in automating and smoothen the Off Boarding process in the Organization

  • Initiate Clearance Automatically
  • Conduct exit interviews or surveys
  • Predefined Clearance Check List to follow.
  • Follow up notifications and Alerts for any delay.
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HR Help Desk

This application allows the Employees to create the ticket on easy fingertips to address all their issues, Complains, enquiry to HR. System has the following features

  • Auto assignment of tickets to HR personnel as per its nature, type and severity.
  • SLA time frame for HR to solve the Issue.
  • Escalations, Email Notification and Alerts on Update,
  • Ticket Reassignment etc.
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Customer Relationship System

Our CRM system helps the Organization to: Maintain and monitor the full repository of Lead…

  • Maintain and monitor the full repository of Lead generated.
  • Easy conversion of Lead Into Opportunity
  • Leads by its status being Universal, Above the Funnel, In the Funnel, Awarded or Lost as the case may be.
  • Maintains full Financial details of the proposal by its version
  • Competitors Analysis and potential threats by each Opportunity,
  • Territory and Client management etc.
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