HR help Desk

This application deals with the process of Employees Iqama Renewal that helps the organization with the following advanced feature of the system.

Key Features
Easy Ticket creation

System allows the user to create the ticket on the HR help Desk on easy fingertips

Email Notification and Alerts on Update

Auto email to HR and employee upon update, communication or status change on the ticket.

Auto Ticket Assignment to HR

As soon as the ticket is created then it will be assigned to HR based on the nature and type of the request and the location of the employee.

Ticket Reassignment

System allows the HR personnel to reassign the Ticket to his team member and full trail of the reassignment can be traced in the system

SLA Violation and Escalated Tickets

HR help desk has the feature to set the SLA timeframe limit for resolution and escalation if it is not resolved within the timeframe.

Raise Complain/ Inquiry/ Request

HR Help Desk allows the user to raise their Complain or Request or Inquiry to HR through this application.

Sub Ticket Creation to Original Tickets

HR help desk has the capabilities to create the sub tickets and to link it to the original ticket if there are dependencies between two tasks or issues to be resolved.

Reports and Dashboard

Easy Dashboard to showcase the Pending Tickets for Closure, SLA Violated tickets which are in progress, Closed Tickets etc.

Benefits of HR help Desk