Catering Management System

Key Features
Sales Contract and Change Orders

Application allows the user to create Contract and Contract revisions for Food Sales, by ethnicity, Staff Classification, meals, with the multiple levels of workflow approval.

Non-Contractual Back Charges

CMS application has the capability to capture the Non-Contractual back charges on daily basis.

Recipe Management

Recipe can be created for different kind of courses & Dishes with all its ingredients quantities, cost and portion size.

Control Guaranteed Man-days

CMS application keep the trace of Missing Minimum Guaranteed Man-days from the Contract and helps avoiding the Under- Billing to the Customer.

Capture Daily Man-days, the actual number of people served.

Capture Daily Man-days, the actual number of people served.

Monthly Customer Billing

CMS application generates Contractual and Non-Contractual monthly billing which also have the workflow approval in the system.

Menu and Menu Rotation

Menu and Menu rotation can be defined in the system as per the Client’s need.

Reports and Dashboards

The dashboards provide insight about the Catering Business Performance by building the Catering Specific KPIs and Profitability by each project and company as a whole.

Benefits of Catering Management System