Subcontractor Solution

Managing Sub contractor & their transactions has always been a major challenge for real estate or construction industry customers. AFFAQ’s Subcontract Management solution is a one-stop solution to manage the end-to-end business process cycle of your subcontract right from the defining the Contract to Progress Update to Payment and Deductions:

Key Features
Single Platform

A single application for tracking down all POs to Receipts to Invoice to Payments. Improve collaboration for better subcontractor utilization and reporting

Subcontractor Progresss

Easy to monitor the Subcontractor progress against the scope of work.

Subcontractor Certificates & Applications for Payment

System has the features of Flexible pricing methods for commitments and allows the user to generate the Subcontractor certificate/ Progress payments that automatically calculate retainage. Also capture and automate sub contractor negotiations of each payment certificate.

Integration with Finance and Approvals

Approval driven integrations with Finance system ensures zero error in the payment, receipts, invoice approvals. Also, Approval hierarchy includes the client consultant approval through email/portal

Penalties and Other Charges

Smooth handling of penalty, retentions and other charges.

Variation Order Managements

Change-order management to track all adjustments to contract scope and control expenditures.

Contra/Back Charges, Retentions, Advance Payment Control

System have the feature to capture the Contra or Back Charges with full retention cycle and Advance payment controls. And Integration with dependency systems for back charges, like, Camp and food meals

Dedicated portal

A dedicated portal for Subcontractors to submits the work progress and to review their activity & initiate transactions/queries cutting down lot of unnecessary communications over emails, messages, and phone calls

Benefits of Sub contractor Solution