Rental Equipment Billing Solution

This solution has been developed as a complete solution for Rental Equipment that facilitate…

Key Features
Equipment Master

System maintains the Asset register of PMV Equipment, Cranes, vehicles and Operators and their rates

Equipment allocation and Schedule

System allows the user to build the equipment’s schedule, Availability and allocate the asset to the project.

Monthly Customer Billing

System generate the Project billing at the end of the month as per the number of hours in approved timesheet and agreed rate between both parties (Projects and PMV)

Monthly Payable Invoices

System allows the user to request the equipment by using hire form which goes for a workflow approval

Hire Equipment

Capture Daily Man-days, the actual number of people served.

Daily Equipment Timesheets & Utilization

System allow the users to update daily timesheet which shows the usage of the Equipment by total working hours, idle Time hours, Over time hours with cost.

Equipment billing by Trips

System has the functionality of generate the billing by hours and by trips.

Reports and Dashboards

The dashboards provide insight about the Equipment utilization statistics by Hours and By Cost and profitability by equipmen

Integration Highlights
Integrated to Oracle Employee Master

Rental Equipment Billing Solution is integrated to Oracle Employee master to read the relevant information to assign the Operators

Integrated to Oracle Accounts payables

Integrated to Oracle Fusion Accounts payables to generate Payable Invoices

Integrated to Oracle Accounts Receivable

Integrated to Oracle Fusion Accounts Receivables to generate the Project billing to collect the receivables.

Integrated to Oracle Fusion PPM

Rental Equipment Billing Solution is integrated to Oracle PPM and interfaced the cost of Equipment by CBS to the PPM.

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