Customer Relationship System

Key Features
Lead Creation and Workflow

System allows the user to create the Lead in the system and to get the required approval to BID for the lead

Repository of Lead by Funnel

System has the feature to automatically set the status of the Lead to be “Universal, In the Funnel, Above Funnel, Best Few or Awarded"

Bidding Information

System Allows the user to update all the Bid related information like Submission date, Scope of work, product and Services of Scope, Financial information of the BIDs

Client and Contact master

System allows to maintain the repository of the Client account with full details of its sector, Key contacts.

Easy conversion of Lead Into Opportunity

Approved leads automatically converted into Opportunity and CRM application allows the user to update all the required information in the system

Territory Management

System allows the user to maintain the Territories in the system as per they operates and all the leads, Opportunities and Client account can be liked to Territories.

Competitors Analysis

CRM system has the capabilities to maintain all your competitors and link it to each opportunities as the potential Competitors and Lost Bid amount can be updated in the system for analysis.

Reports and Dashboard

Easy Dashboard to showcase Lead by Status and by Sectors, source, Opportunities Pipeline, Top BIDs by value, Hit rate by Value or Count etc.

Benefits of Customer Relationship System