Iqama Renewal System

This application deals with the process of Employees Iqama Renewal that helps the organization with the following advanced feature of the system.

Key Features
Automated Initiation of Renewal Process

Iqama Renewal System facilitate the automatic initiation of the renewal process by sending alerts and by triggering the approval process timely and three months in advance from date of Iqama expiry.

Multiple Level Workflow Approval

System send auto alerts and notification to the Finance department to make the necessary payment for the approved Iqama Renewal Process.

Real Time Status Tracking

System allows the user to check the status of the process whether is it “Pending with Line manager or with HR or Finance or Pending for any other issue”

Reason for Renewal On-Hold

System allows the employee to know online the reason or issues for Iqama not getting renewed.

Notifications and Alerts

Sending notifications and reminders email to the concerned department to act timely and it notifies the Employee on successful renewal of Iqama

Driver’s Evaluation

FMS System enforce the evaluation of the Drivers and needs to be updated in the system

Reports and Dashboards

The dashboards provide insight about the Business Performance and profitability by equipment

Benefits of Iqama Renewal System