Cloud Migration

Transitioning your business-critical workloads from on-premises to cloud does not have to be Challenging or intimidating.

But, how? When? & what will be next? We help you to get answers to these pressing questions and more.

Our end-to-end migration consultancy services cover all aspects of your journey to the cloud, starting from your migration strategy up to implementing and maintaining your digital environment on the cloud. Our certified cloud experts technically assess your current infrastructure, provide briefings, and plans to move ahead, conduct workshops & brainstorming sessions, deliver POCs, implement and host/manage the migrated environment in accordance with your business needs. We ensure the secure migration of your diverse digital workloads.

Business Value

Keep up with the accelerating pace of innovation
Regular technology updates
Reduce IT and infrastructure costs
Respond to market changes quickly

Transitioning your Business-critical workloads from on-premises to cloud

AAFAQ’s Approach for Cloud Migration

Key deliverables include the proposed cloud architecture with a complete roadmap for a successful transformation, in addition to the KPIs to monitor and the expected ROI.

Building on the insights of the assessment and propose a tailored cloud strategy

We use a range of best-in-class analysis tools and combine this with our expert investigations and findings.

We kick off our engagement with our Cloud Migration Clients with

Assessment to evaluate your cloud adoption strategy & current digital assets and workloads.

We work closely with your teams, engage in workshops to grasp the complete picture of the business.

Envision what needs to be migrated and when in alignment with your business objectives.

We run an extensive analyses of your network, infrastructure, and business solutions.